Let’s Raise Cash for your school with a fundraiser that keeps on giving.

Shi LaChef’s “Sippin’ with Purpose” Fundraiser provides a way for organizations to raise funds for their worthwhile causes while promoting health. Many teachers, principals, and parents express an interest in fundraising with products that will make a difference in the lives of their students. Good news! The “Sippin’ with Purpose” fundraiser solves this problem by offering meaningful, unique, and delicious products that SELL. Let Shi LaChef help your school/organization raise money with a PURPOSE!

Raise much needed funds to offset expenses for your school/organization…with a PURPOSE!

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The best way to inspire a young person is by showing
them another young person’s journey.


“Sippin’ with Purpose” Fundraiser Benefits to the school/organization:

  • Raise much needed money to offset expenses
  • It Instills a Sense of Pride and Responsibility in Students
  • Helps fund personal development for teachers
  • Encourages healthy competition
  • Strengthens the bond between schools and families

“Sippin’ with Purpose” Fundraiser Benefits to the students: 

  • Win desired prizes
  • Triggers independent thinking 
  • Makes a connection in the brain between health decisions and their body
  • Empowers them to see what’s possible, recognizing that if their peer can do it, they can do it too
  • May inspire new thought in troubled and non-troubled children
  • Fun, easy to read book that educates them on destructive decisions (drinking and driving) from a young person’s perspective
  • Fun, delicious recipes that the entire family can enjoy
  • Simple recipes that encourage family engagement
  • Can decrease the possibility of present/future drinking and driving
  • Teaches essential life skills

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